With her unique blend of love, wisdom and incisive realness, Lizzie has invited me into a profound, lifelong journey of expansion, learning and meaning. She is unafraid to encourage and challenge me in equal measures.
— Professional Coaching Course graduate

about lizzie

Lizzie Winn is an invitation to truthfulness; her uncompromising clarity of presence has us all show up as more of ourselves when we’re with her.

She has an extraordinary appetite and exuberant love for life in all its forms – never shying away from the inevitable twists and turns, shadow and light which are the grist of an engaged, soulful, curious life.

Lizzie combines her work as a certified integral development coach, teacher and partner in Thirdspace with her role as the Global Head of Human Resources of the music publishing business West One. In her work, she practices embodying developmental leadership as she supports the flourishing of her colleagues.

Lizzie holds weekly conversations with Justin through Turning Towards Life.

If you are interested in starting a conversation about working with Lizzie, please get in touch with us here.