Our approach is called integral development coaching because it engages with the whole of a person's life.

Our inquiry spans everything from how they see and represent themselves, to their social world, habits, relationship with the body, quality of self-care, and the capacity they have to make change.

It draws on deep philosophical roots as well as biology, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, spirituality and more, providing many avenues of insight and practice.

Our two-day Foundations of Coaching course, offered in partnership with New Ventures West, introduces the principles and methods of integral development coaching through structured exercises, demonstrations and practice.

Foundations of Coaching was a significant and gently transformative experience for me. Such a beautiful course. I got a taste of what it is to be held in a carefully designed and robust structure, delivered and supported with such sensitivity and skill.
— Amanda Maffett, Integral development coach

Who would benefit?

  • Managers, human resource professionals and organisational development practitioners who are regularly called upon to solve problems that could be more effectively handled by developing others’ competence

  • Independent professionals and consultants interested in bringing greater skill to their one-on-one conversations with clients

  • Individuals curious about and committed to their own growth and development

  • People considering applying to the Professional Coaching Course

Outcomes of the course

  • An understanding of the key stages in any coaching relationship

  • The skill to observe and listen deeply to others and support them to make lasting & sustainable changes in their lives

  • Competence to offer basic coaching independently or within a workplace

  • Greater clarity around your own pathway through life


The course is the same as the Coaching to Excellence course offered around the world by New Ventures West. It qualifies for 16 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) for ICF-accredited coaches.

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