The Professional Coaching Course, offered in partnership with New Ventures West, is a rare opportunity to journey with a supportive community into what it means to be human.

Graduates of the programme emerge having cultivated the rigour, wisdom and compassion of a coach.

The programme is comprehensive and one year long. It provides everything necessary for you to become a skilled coach and is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation.

As well as being a qualification, it is an invitation onto a transformative journey. It invites you into a deeper way of being in the world in which you are more able to step into new possibilities. It also invites you to embody the qualities and skills that allow you support others in their own lifelong development.

My experience of the Professional Coaching Course was transformational. I have a newfound relationship with myself, with others and with my work that is truly enriching. I am deeply grateful to Thirdspace and the beloved people with whom I shared the journey.
— Professional Coaching Course graduate

Personal and experiential, the PCC combines intensive in-person taught sessions, online learning in small groups, one-to-one supervision, ongoing reflective practices and working with your own clients.

You will learn how to practice the methodology of integral development coaching. The teaching is always in a group no larger than 20 to ensure the depth of your experience. Our teaching weaves a tapestry of sources from poetry to music, nature to neuroscience, psychology to spirituality. We learn and teach in a way that draws upon the wisdom of the body and responds to the real world.

Year after year, our students tell us that the PCC changes lives for the better - both your own, the people you’ll coach during the year, and in your wider life.

Who will benefit?

The PCC might be for you if you are looking to do any of the following:

  • Become skilled in supporting the development of others

  • Lead others in a way that supports their development

  • Add coaching services to an existing consulting practice

  • Provide professional-level coaching within your organisation

  • Fully integrate coaching into your leadership

  • Start your own coaching business

What could I expect?

By joining the PCC, you will be offered:

  • A powerful proven methodology grounded in theory, research, and practice

  • A rigorous curriculum of study and practice that includes 17 days of face-to-face learning

  • Teaching from seasoned faculty known for their wisdom, compassion, presence, and experience

  • Your own custom-designed individual development plan for the year

  • A dedicated mentor coach who works with you throughout the year, coaching you on your own development and on your coaching, listening to coaching recordings you make and giving you detailed feedback

  • Being part of an accomplished group of 8-20 fellow participants from diverse fields, who are all committed to this work

  • Ongoing support from a learning “pod” of 5 students

  • An active graduate community of close to 1000 people

The Professional Coaching Course has been recognised by the International Coach Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Programme. We conduct a thorough, rigorous certification process for people who complete the programme and apply to be designated as a New Ventures West certified coaches.

Find out more

Our next Professional Coaching Course runs in London on the following dates:

  • Session I: 4-7 June 2020

  • Session II: 9-13 September 2020

  • Session III: 14-17 January 2021

  • Session IV: 10-13 June 2021

To find out more about the course please download our prospectus.

To read more about integral development coaching methodology, and how we teach it, please download this article.

If you would like to explore whether the PCC might be for you, we would be glad to hear from you. Please get in touch to arrange a time to for a conversation with one of our faculty.