Supporting others to flourish is a wonderful thing - and it can also be challenging and confronting for us as the person facilitating the process.

As our broader community of people who support others has grown, we’ve realised the value of having a supportive and developmental space to reflect on our work with our clients and people in our care.  

This is how we think of Supervision: a place to be supported in our development and growth in service of those work with. A place to get curious about all aspects of our work as facilitators – leaders, elders, managers, coaches.

Far from being a scary process of oversight or monitoring, it’s a confidential conversation to reflect on issues and dilemmas in our work, uncover our conscious biases and develop our resilience. Whoever we are, however long we have been working with others or how many clients we support, supervision is for all of us.

As my supervisor Lizzie holds space, with spacious wisdom and presence, for me and my clients and all that is between us, sifting deftly through whatever I bring. We unfailingly arrive at insights and openings to support my work with my clients, which I feel is developing exponentially since working with her in this way.
— Professional Coaching Course graduate

What we offer

As supervisors, each of the Thirdspace faculty works with both individuals and supervision groups. Some groups make a commitment to stay together for some months, others are more flexible. We’ll also work with either face to face or virtually (or a mix of both). The important thing is that we tailor our approach to each individual person and group.

Our faculty are all in regular supervision themselves for both their coaching and supervision work. Please get in touch if you are interested in knowing more.