Many of us spend our precious days, months and years working in the world of organisations. We shape their cultures and in turn are powerfully shaped by them.

Cultures, like the air we breathe, are often invisible to us. Just as our health depends on breathing quality air, so our well-being and performance depends on the quality of the cultures we work in. We support organisations to become places where people can thrive by cultivating a strong sense of mutual purposefulness, contribution and belonging.

Everything that’s achieved in organisational life is achieved by someone: mostly by someone communicating powerfully with another someone. Our work has at its heart a focus on developing trusting relationships, powerful mutual commitments and skilful conversations. Every organisational project we design is a unique, developmental response to the particular circumstances in which you find yourselves.

Whether you already have a clear brief or are feeling into the possibility of inviting support for your organisation, we'd love to be in conversation with you.

Client Testimonials


“West Kent has worked in partnership with Thirdspace since 2011. From the outset, Justin and Janeena supported the organisation so the work could be owned and continued by us. They were willing to experiment and co-create a programme of interventions and learning opportunities to support staff across the organisation to take ownership of their own presence at work and to build strong relationships through conversations that benefited all.

It has been great fun and very rewarding working with Thirdspace. We were supported and challenged to think differently about who we are and what we do. The team at Thirdspace bring deep understanding of their field, huge enthusiasm, energy and curiosity to explore with you what is possible both individually and organisationally. True partnership is at the heart of their innovative, stimulating and high impact organisational development.”

– Deborah White, Housing Officer, West Kent


“The Comms Lab has been partnering with Thirdspace since 2016, when we launched Reclaiming Agency, a leadership programme for people in the communications industry who seek to bring about positive change within themselves, their agencies and the wider system.  We chose to partner with Thirdspace because they share our vision for the new kind of leadership that the challenges of today's world calls for.

The Thirdspace team have a fantastic ability to both meet participants exactly where they are, while opening up possible new ways of being and acting.  With the support of coaches, participants have created ripples of change in their lives, organisations and across the industry.

Thirdspace have facilitated powerful and inspiring sessions on our programme exploring themes such as acting with courage. Through their integrated approach, Thirdspace have a deep awareness and sense of care for the development of participants, and Emma and I as facilitators. This makes them wonderful people to partner with.”

– Jonathan Wise, Co-Founder, The Comms Lab