What we do

Thirdspace supports people to recognise their goodness and power, helping them bring their whole selves to the world.

We work with individuals, organisations and teams who want to be a force for dignity and humanity. Our clients make the inner journeys that allow them to live in a deeper, more alive and responsible way. They do this not only for their own benefit, but so that they can make lasting and meaningful contributions to their workplaces, families, communities and to society.


Who we are

Thirdspace is run by Justin Wise, Neena Sims, Lizzie Winn, Sue Braithwaite and Amanda Visagie. We are united by a shared commitment to people’s development and to the alleviation of unnecessary suffering.

We are all certified integral development coaches who have worked with hundreds of individuals and organisations as well as facilitating our various programmes and gatherings. You can learn more about each of us by clicking on our pictures below.


What people say

Paul Mulligan  Change Management Consultant

"I would describe the team behind Thirdspace as strong, compassionate explorers who partner with you to explore better possibilities. They form a community who come together in honesty and love, to address the deepest issues of being human."

Paul Mulligan, Change management consultant

Ruth Rochelle  Leadership Coach

“Thirdspace is a force for good. Their work awakens a truer and more empowered sense of self. The Professional Coaching Course was a kind and life enhancing environment. I met life long friends too.”

Ruth Rochelle, Leadership coach

Amanda Maffett  Integral Development Coach

“Working with Thirdspace introduces you to parts of yourself that you had forgotten existed. I became more open and tolerant - of myself and of others. I became a coach and discovered a new career.”

Steve Hodges, Integral development coach