Janeena helped me rediscover my own goodness, and find truthful and sustainable ways to bring my unique contribution to the world.
— Sophie Howarth, Social Entrepreneur

about Janeena

Neena is a coach and facilitator, poet and mother.

With over twenty years of experience, she delights in designing programs that bring diverse and powerful experiences and systemic wisdom to the world of organisational learning.

Having formerly been an actor and director, Neena is drawn to learning and teaching through the body, using play and sensory experience. She recently trained as a practitioner of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.

Neena works extensively with individual clients and excels in allowing people to step into a freedom of expression and vulnerability that leads to deep learning and transformation.

She lives with her beloved family and dog Willow in a village in the east of England, where she welcomes and gathers fellow pilgrim souls.

As well as teaching on our current Professional Coaching Course, Neena is currently gathering a community of souls through a collaboration called A Midlife Invitation.

If you are interested in starting a conversation about working with Neena, please get in touch with us here.