Hidden Wholeness

Showing up as whole in our lives is an act of rebellion in itself. Most people in our world are wondering around with narratives such as victimhood, aggression & competitiveness and this is the dominant way that they relate to themselves and others.

There are those of us who are making a stand for something other than this, those of us who believe in our wholeness and the wholeness of others - the people who have a different kind of consciousness that feels different from the general asleepness that we see in the world.

And living this way, going against the grain of the habitual practices of our background culture can feel like rebellion. We’re standing out. Taking the lesser known path that mostly requires faith and strength. We’re constantly being pulled back by the ‘norm’ but our hearts keep us rooted in the path we know is ours to tread.

So, keep your hearts strong, your communities in tact and stay connected to fellow travellers who get you and see the truth of the path you’ve chosen.

When you’re down and out.

Confusion, disorientation, sadness, rage, frustration, dissatisfaction and numbness. Just a few of the words that we might use to describe things inside of us when our lives choose to show us this part of being human.

And we all go through it. I certainly do. Sometimes I don’t get dressed for a whole day or clean my teeth. Sometimes I eat so much chocolate that I feel sick. Sometimes I scream and shout at my husband in a really nasty way. And sometimes I sit and stare into thin air with no wish to do, be or relate to anything or anyone.

And of course, there would be so much analysis that could go on around why, when, what happened etc. But mostly these days, I see my life as an alive process that includes all of this and all of the experiences where I feel joy, warmth, connection, fulfilment, excitement, inspiration and love.

So when I see my life as an alive and unfolding process, I sense something bigger, more everlasting, more eternal about my life, my Lizzieness, that’s beyond all my emotions, my thoughts, my body even. It’s me.

And my best way of returning to this, in all the confusion and difficulty of being a human being, is to talk to people who trust and see me.

The single most important practice I have in my life is conscious talking. Giving my talking the purpose of sharing, enlightening, shedding light, finding humour. And putting myself on the telephone, or in someone’s living room - and spilling all the crap out onto the floor, being unadulterated in my sharing, putting all shame aside, and grappling with it all head on by speaking of it.

I thank all those of you who support me, and who allow me to put my shame aside to receive everything about me, to know you’re here, makes a world of difference in my life.

Banner image: JR Korpa / 1381269 / Unsplash