Living a life of Enough

What would it be like to live each day with a sense of enoughness? How would we orient to life if we felt filled with our lives, filled with ourselves, our essence our [insert your name here]ness.

My sense is that most of us are lacking sufficient self knowledge. Self knowledge that, if we had, felt, sensed; that life itself was the fullness, the providedness, the giveness, we would not walk down the slippery roads of:

Over eating

Over consuming alcohol

Compulsive shopping

Needing to be liked

Worrying about money

Taking our children to millions of after school clubs

Needing to look good

Fretting about our children

Fearing failure

*And every other innocent and yet mistaken thing we do to avoid / stuff our feelings or compensate for our belief in lack.

It's my experience that it's so easy to slip into these repetitive themes of compensation again and again. And when we reflect, seek support, cultivate inspiration and look for others who have led the way in rethinking what it is to be a human being, we get an unending series of chances to see and experience life differently. We become participants in the ever benevolent presence that gives chance upon chance to start again.

We get to enquire into the nature of life. And breathe our way into the deeper questions of being human that have us feel nourished, filled up, changed and renewed in our hopefulness and our sense of personal and unbounded freedom.

Banner image: Kirifuri Waterfall at Mount Kurokami in Shimotsuke Province by Hokusai