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Foundations of Coaching, 15-16 February 2020 in London

Integral development coaching supports you in working with people in a way which frees them up to bring their intentions into life with dignity, humanity and skilfulness.

In this two-day course, you'll gain an introduction to the principles and methods of coaching and hands-on experience that is applicable to the workplace and your broader life. Through structured exercises, demonstrations, and simulations, you explore what it takes to evoke long-term excellence in others.

The course qualifies for 16 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) for ICF-accredited coaches.

Who would benefit

  • Anyone intrigued by the possibility of having a positive impact on others through coaching managers,

  • Human resource professionals and organizational development practitioners who are regularly called upon to solve problems that could be more effectively handled by developing others' competence

  • Independent professionals and consultants interested in bringing greater skill to their one-on-one conversations with clients

  • People considering applying to the Professional Coaching Course

Outcomes of the course

Developing excellence as a coach takes time, study and practice. This foundation course will allow you to:

  • Understand the key stages in any coaching relationship and the skills needed to guide clients through them 
    Recognize when someone is open to coaching and how to enroll them in a coaching relationship

  • Observe and listen to others in a profound way by paying attention to their unique language, emotional mood, and way of interpreting the world

  • Assess your own competence as a coach and identify the next steps in your development

  • Open new possibilities for effective action in your work and life

This course satisfies the prerequisite for the Professional Coaching Course.


  • The course takes place in central London from 9am to 6pm each day, and is led by Sue Braithwaite

  • Group sizes are purposefully small - we accept a maximum of 20 people for each programme

  • Cost: £600 + VAT of which £50 is a non-refundable but transferable deposit