Justin displays extraordinary insight, kindness and an amazing ability to support the development of his clients.
— James Flaherty, Founder of New Ventures West

about justin

Justin is the founder of Thirdspace, a coach, education and faculty member on our programmes.

After a notable career in software development, Justin founded Thirdspace as an expression of his life long commitment to learning, teaching and the development of human wholeness.

Justin views coaching and organisational development as vital disciplines in the creation of sustainable, ethical communities, organisations and societies.

He is a graduate of the MSc in People and Organisation Development at the Roffey Park Institute and holds postgraduate degrees from both Cambridge University and University College London.

You can learn with Justin online every week, together with Lizzie, at Turning Towards Life. His extensive writing is published at justinwise.co.uk.

If you are interested in starting a conversation about coaching with Justin, please get in touch with us here.