Hello everyone,

More than two years ago a very dear friend approached us with an offer to help us redesign our website. She was loving enough and generous enough to show us how much of what we’re bringing to the world, and how we bring it, was obscured by the way we’d presented ourselves so far. And she was passionate and deeply committed to helping us show ourselves publicly in ways that were truthful, welcoming, and coherent with the contribution we’re here to make.

We’re delighted to be able to introduce you to what’s been born of her seeing us in this way - a new website that expresses what Thirdspace is up to in the world with elegance and simplicity and which, we hope, will be both beautiful and informative for those of you who visit it.

The new website, www.wearethirdspace.org, reflects the breadth of our commitments to coaching, community, the development of people, and the artistry that all this both requires and makes possible. You’ll find there new language that expresses who we are and what we do, beautiful images and illustration, and many photos of the people who are on our team and who join us to learn. The site provides a coherent home for our coaching programmes, our work with organisations, and for our newer offerings in supervision (a form of support for those who, in turn, support others). And you’ll find in our ‘Journal’ ways to engage with our writing, podcast, and the sources that inspire and inform us.

Our work continues and deepens as we see the many ways the condition of the world calls on all of us to live in a deeper, more alive and responsive way. We’re glad to have you with us on that journey.

With warm wishes

Amanda, Justin, Neena, Lizzie & Sue


Read our writing and some of the sources that inspire us.

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Why We Write

Justin Wise shares some of the deeper intentions behind our work, writing and the freedom we hope to bring about.

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My hands in the soil

A poem by Sue Braithwaite.

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From Turning Towards Life, a weekly 30-minute deep dive into life's big questions.


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In this recording, we explore the cost of our constant comparison with others.


Two Paths, Episode 81

Here Justin and Lizzie speak about the choices we have in meeting the circumstances of our lives.


Our work creates opportunities for learning, reflection and renewal, from which people can step into whatever is next in work and life.


3-4 June 2019:
Foundations of Coaching

21-22 June:
Half-day Guest Client coaching opportunities

11-14 July:
Professional Coaching Course Session I